Millions. Well, it seemed like millions anyway. Millions of girls in colorful ball gowns crowded into the auditorium. Millions, and I could only choose one. They all stood in silence waiting for me. I looked over my shoulder at my smiling parents sitting on their thrones. I took a deep breath and got ready to make my announcement.
"Friends, I thank you all for coming to witness the announcement as to which of you will be my bride." I scanned the sea of young women in front of me. "That woman is..." I stop short. A girl in a white dress appeared at the back of the hall. My father hissed for me to go on. Without delay I ran to her and her to me. She would be my wife.


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Unkempt_Dreaming almost 12 years ago

What lovely memories of childhood this short image conjures :)

Gone Awry almost 12 years ago

Awww, sweet!

Gone Awry almost 12 years ago

Awww, sweet!

Jayden Nicole (joined almost 13 years ago)

I have a passion for art and an overactive imagination.

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