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Finally, we came to rest.

The day's work had been long but fruitful. We had made double the monies we would have on a normal day at market but that was probably because we spent double the time there. We set off across the desert on our long journey home expecting to make it in time for Mama's fish stew for supper and for story time around the fire but it was later than I had anticipated. The Moonbore her silver glow to us before we had even got a quarter of the way. I settled down to rest for...

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Within sight.

A new future within sight. Fresh hope, fresh starts.

Leaving behind everything we know and everything we hold true and dear, taking a chance on this foreign alien land because we have to. Because we have no othe choice and no other hope.

Who decides rights? Who decides the boy gets an education and the girl gets survival? Without the girl there would be no Decider.

Why does she take the front seat? Why must they lounge inter luxuries of lands which are not theirs?

A family exists elsewhere. Speaking another tongue and wearing a different skin does...

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My tiny, paper-thin dream floating on the darkness of my memories. That's all I could feel, all I could see, all I could hear, day in, day out. Taunting me. Tempting me.

If only I did. If only I didn't. I could be Somebody if I weren't so frightened of being Somebody.

Trapped in this limbo is a game for no man. The future is lovely and bright. It exposes me for what I am. The past is dream and lingering. It holds onto me with every tiny hook it owns, each day adding a new one.

To be free....

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