Finally, we came to rest.

The day's work had been long but fruitful. We had made double the monies we would have on a normal day at market but that was probably because we spent double the time there. We set off across the desert on our long journey home expecting to make it in time for Mama's fish stew for supper and for story time around the fire but it was later than I had anticipated. The Moonbore her silver glow to us before we had even got a quarter of the way. I settled down to rest for the night, my head filled with the sights, sounds and smells of the day.

She would not rest with me. She was not used to being away from the southern village at night and was skittish.
As I drifted in and out of dreams i could almost hear her saying, "I will guard you, this night." And I let her.

My beautiful, loyal protector.

Waking to the sun's warm rise I looked around expecting to find her sitting aside me.

Her paw prints led away to the North.


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