Twist. Pull. Pull. Bop. Twist. Bop. Pass... Was she staring at me? I mean, it was my turn, but it felt like she was looking me directly in the eyes. Come on... Probably just a coincidence. All the others were watching me to, just like I'm watching her right now. Oh God, I'm watching her and it's not even her turn any more. Focus. You're up next. Pull. Pull. Pull. This too easy. Bop. Twist. Pass. Okay, now she's definitely staring at me. Was that a wink? Oh, no. Just had something in her eye. Damn, she's kinda crackin at this game. Should I ask her out, later? She seemed very impressed when I twisted that thing earlier. Damn, I think she's into me! There! She looking at me again! Boy, she just can't get her eyes off... "What?" "Dude, what the hell man? Why didn't you twist?"


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