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"And now, a nice, juicy twist. That's it. Keep twisting. One final push! Aaaaand release. Other side, now. Raise your left hand in the air, look toward the ceiling. Now twist!"

Sweat dripping from my brow down to my neck down to my collar bone down to my underwear. Release. Downward dog.

"Chataranga! Keep going guys, you're doing great!"

Heaviness of covers, you tuck me in as you leave. I don't stir, I don't breathe. Your receding back.

"Now breathe in, and let it go."

There were mountains. There were hours to drive. Everything I measure, I measure it like...

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Twist. Twist. Twist. The doorknob wouldn't turn. The door wouldn't open. And then Liz would find out why Sebastian was keeping her in his bathroom. It was a nice bathroom, the blue tiles matched the fluffy towels and everything was clean. Still locking someone in the bathroom wasn't proper etiquette. Proper etiquette was texting someone or calling them, and asking if they wanted to discuss their differences over coffee. Being polite wasn't tossing someone over their shoulder and locking them in their bathroom with an ominous "I'll be back."
Aargh. She was going to kill Sebastian for locking her in...

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The first day of school and he was already in a fight. Mark sighed as the three seventh graders approached him from three different directions. His electric blue eyes took in the boy in front of him, a lanky kid with a bulbous nose and mean eyes. Beside him, another boy stood with his arms crossed over his broad chest, a sneer on his face. And behind him, Mark knew, was the last boy, a slack-lipped teenager with dull, incurious eyes.

“Lunch money,” Skinny said, holding out his hand.

“No,” Mark replied coolly as he sat back in his black...

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Twist. Try to turn left. Try to move my foot upwards. Impossible. I've been here for around 4 hours, give or take. It's too dark to see my watch but I have a rough idea. My breathing is paniced, I try to encourage myself to calm down. Breath. There is just no space only eternal darkness. I am alone. I am buried underneath a couple of tonnes of dirt. At least that was what she imagned. When they took me, I screamed,kicked and clawed like a wild cat.All to no avail.They knocked me out and I woke up here. Oh...

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After a quick twist, the silver top was back on the salt shaker, diamonds hidden underneath the large white crystals and put back into the kitchen cupboard.

Simone Chandler didn't even break into a sweat. She turned around just as her husband strode into the room and shouted down the phone receiver. 'You better find those goddamn stones or else!'

'Still no sign Rory?' she asked, busying herself, pouring a strong cup of coffee and putting it onto the black marble worktop.

He didn't answer but gulped the scalding liquid, not seeming to notice the heat.

'I'll kill Johnson'.


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Twist. Turn. Dart Jump. I will wait for you. Wait for you to tire. Because you will drag me and my little boat all the way to Heaven before I let go this line. Soaked with salt and sweat and blood from my stinging palm.

And we dance, you and I, like sweet Rosa, mother of my starving daughter Consuelo. And you will drag me to Heaven before I let go. My harpoon is waiting like the hunger of my child for that first taste of blood. And though it cuts my hand, I will not let you go. Not...

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Twist and he was dead. Broken neck. Watching the agony in the contorted face I could only stand in my own space of terror. Knowing that no-one would ever believe what happened. Instinct told me to run home, pack a bag, passport, money and take a plane to the other side of the world. I could not move.

Simon's hand touched mine and for the first time since kindergarten, I held hands with another boy. What seemed like hours later we moved and looked at each other, mirrors of incredulity and shock.

John had told us years ago the bizarre...

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Once more and the lid would be open and the witch familiar could return to it's home until it was needed again. Sallie, looked around the kitchen and wondered where the animal was hiding, time was of the essence as she'd already started the slow incantation to transform her pet into an inanimate object.

The cat had disappeared and was not heeding her special call. This was bad news. The townsfolk were already suspicious and girls were dying needlessly, suspected of witchcraft whilst she had managed to keep safe.

The cat had been used for a spell against the...

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Twist. Pull. Pull. Bop. Twist. Bop. Pass... Was she staring at me? I mean, it was my turn, but it felt like she was looking me directly in the eyes. Come on... Probably just a coincidence. All the others were watching me to, just like I'm watching her right now. Oh God, I'm watching her and it's not even her turn any more. Focus. You're up next. Pull. Pull. Pull. This too easy. Bop. Twist. Pass. Okay, now she's definitely staring at me. Was that a wink? Oh, no. Just had something in her eye. Damn, she's kinda crackin at...

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Twist. Twist your t-shirt to ring out the blood and water. Shake. Shake your head again and again. It's over. It's gone now.

Your palm feels cold against your forehead, but the blood is hot. Hot and wet and it feels funny because there's no pain, only heat. And you can see but its not the same somehow, like when you look away from staring at the lightbulb and shapes dance around you.

I hear pounding. Like drums. Hammering a distant rhythm but wait... no. It's in my head. It really is. Blood. Pounding, marching through each stressed canal like...

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