Twist. Turn. Dart Jump. I will wait for you. Wait for you to tire. Because you will drag me and my little boat all the way to Heaven before I let go this line. Soaked with salt and sweat and blood from my stinging palm.

And we dance, you and I, like sweet Rosa, mother of my starving daughter Consuelo. And you will drag me to Heaven before I let go. My harpoon is waiting like the hunger of my child for that first taste of blood. And though it cuts my hand, I will not let you go. Not when a family is dying.

You know I am weak, so your hope lives on. But you will drag me to Heaven before mine is burned away. It is not just you and I, old friend, my brother, that fight Death. And you will not lead me to Hell either.

We have been abroad the high sea for three days. You know I am weaker still now. And, it comes as no surprise that you have dragged me to Heaven. And my Rosa and Consuelo are waiting.


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Galen almost 9 years ago


DoctorMikeReddy almost 9 years ago

Thank you. I cried, writing this.

DoctorMikeReddy over 8 years ago

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DoctorMikeReddy (joined about 11 years ago)
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