Twist. Try to turn left. Try to move my foot upwards. Impossible. I've been here for around 4 hours, give or take. It's too dark to see my watch but I have a rough idea. My breathing is paniced, I try to encourage myself to calm down. Breath. There is just no space only eternal darkness. I am alone. I am buried underneath a couple of tonnes of dirt. At least that was what she imagned. When they took me, I screamed,kicked and clawed like a wild cat.All to no avail.They knocked me out and I woke up here. Oh how I wished I had'nt.She no longer feared death but was impatient for it to come, was desperate for it to come.A small trickle of dirt was making its way into the box. Again twist.Turn. Nothing. Suddenly my ears prick up voices? Yes voices!The sound of digging!Saved!


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