We met as usual on the roof under a blanket of stars and a full moon which gave more light than we were accustomed to at midnight.His face was pale and gaunt, his body so thin I thought if I were to grab his arm it would snap in two like a twig. I handed him the bag I held in my right hand- he cautiously took the bag with his left hand. I noticed his finger nails were long and dirty. He sat crosslegged before me,and opened the bag before quickly taking out the contents. He picked up the sandwich and slowly peeled back the tinfoil before taking an enormous bite. I asked him how he had managed that week, did the heat bother him at night,he mumbled no with a mouth full with baguette and cheese. In the bag he also found a new blanket and a large tshirt stolen from my father. My parents could never know about my secret meetings with Tom who lived in the forest.


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