That night everything changed. She would never think of the stars in the same way. Or the grass, or the flowers. In five minutes her whole perception of the world changed. She could acknowledge that the thoughts running through her head at that moment were not what she would have imagned she would be thinking in a scenario such as this. Her thoughts were clear and concise. Practical almost. She blinked. It hurt. A seering pain shot from her left eye through (what it felt like anyway) her brain. She tried turn her head to the left where she knew Bryan was calling her - trying to at least-his voice raspy and other worldly didnt sound like his voice. The smell of petrol was especially pungent, she could also detect smoke. Staring up at that sky, at that moon and those stars she knew the end was near. Her beliefs meant she wasnt entirely scared, she mostly felt weary and ready to go. She knew that she would see the moon again but not the same way. She closed her eyes and exhaled for the last time.


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izza_cicco almost 6 years ago

Nice story!

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The Moon would never be the same again.
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