"And now, a nice, juicy twist. That's it. Keep twisting. One final push! Aaaaand release. Other side, now. Raise your left hand in the air, look toward the ceiling. Now twist!"

Sweat dripping from my brow down to my neck down to my collar bone down to my underwear. Release. Downward dog.

"Chataranga! Keep going guys, you're doing great!"

Heaviness of covers, you tuck me in as you leave. I don't stir, I don't breathe. Your receding back.

"Now breathe in, and let it go."

There were mountains. There were hours to drive. Everything I measure, I measure it like this. A sleeping bag. A weight.

"Just wait here for a second, let your head hang. Now let it go."

A sleeping bag. A wait.


Never very good at waiting, I too the covers off.


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