Twist. Twist. Twist. The doorknob wouldn't turn. The door wouldn't open. And then Liz would find out why Sebastian was keeping her in his bathroom. It was a nice bathroom, the blue tiles matched the fluffy towels and everything was clean. Still locking someone in the bathroom wasn't proper etiquette. Proper etiquette was texting someone or calling them, and asking if they wanted to discuss their differences over coffee. Being polite wasn't tossing someone over their shoulder and locking them in their bathroom with an ominous "I'll be back."
Aargh. She was going to kill Sebastian for locking her in his bathroom. Sure, Liz loved him, but her love was quickly turning to annoyance every moment that she was in his bathroom.
At least she loved a man who used Old Spice. That was what a real man used.


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ganymeder over 9 years ago

Well, as long as he wears Old Spice...

aislin chaser almost 10 years ago

This is wonderfully silly, with the potential for a lot more to be going on outside of the bathroom. Made me smile!

Alex MacDonald (joined almost 10 years ago)

I will never be a famous actress, but I am content to direct Life's Great Play from the shadows.

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