My tiny, paper-thin dream floating on the darkness of my memories. That's all I could feel, all I could see, all I could hear, day in, day out. Taunting me. Tempting me.

If only I did. If only I didn't. I could be Somebody if I weren't so frightened of being Somebody.

Trapped in this limbo is a game for no man. The future is lovely and bright. It exposes me for what I am. The past is dream and lingering. It holds onto me with every tiny hook it owns, each day adding a new one.

To be free. Floating on lashings of hope. Drifting to aimless abandon.

Where will it take me? Should I take the leap? Should I anchor down?

Someone once told me no one can live my life but me. Oh how I wish for that to be the biggest lie ever told.
I want the answers without asking the questions. I want the ending before the start. Only then I can know. Only then can I hang all my hopes on one relentless choice.

Help me. Hear me. See me. Cover me.

Show me.


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