She was the most delicate girl in town. A town that thrived on beauty. It was everything, and so was she. When I first met her, we were on a field trip in 6th grade. Back then, she wasn't even wearing make up yet. A completely different person. So, of course I was nervous when I woke up next to her.

"What are you thinking?", she asked me. I didn't know what to say. All I felt was shame. "Didn't you like it?" "I did."I lied. "So, what's the problem? I know you wanted me since high school." "Yeah, but I always pictured it... different. I think I'll better leave." "Well, not before I get my money, silly." "Yeah.... right."


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Anglea almost 12 years ago

I really liked this

Jimmie Cannibal (joined almost 12 years ago)

I rather not...

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She was the most delicate girl in town.
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