"Wait, so he hit you?" "Yep." "Right in the nuts?" "Right in the nuts." "But, why?" "Well, you see...

When I entered that store, I had only one thing in mind: beer. I went straight to the aisle, grabbed a six pack of the usual, took off to the counter, handed it over to the nice cashier, and payed. But before I got to the door, the cashier called me back. She said, that that old man behind me in line told her, that I stole that six pack from him. I went over to talk to him, but before I could say anything, he punched me in the nuts and took of with my six pack. Turns out, that guy was missing from the retirement home. I'm heading right there, to drink in front of his window. Wanna come?" "That's rude." "Want me to punch you in the nuts?"


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