2070, by 2070 i want all the bad things to be gone. i want there to be a cure to all the bad things that affect our world. cancer, gone. war, gone. i think that by 2070 the world should just have figured all of its issues out and be a eutopia. by 2070 i want peace on earth, no more starving children, no more impoverished nations. but it starts with now, this generation. i feel like before now everyone has put issues off to the next generation. But it cant keep happening. by 2070 i want the children of that generation to look back and say "damn the people before me are the reason my life is so great, the reason i will never have to feel the pain of living in a war effected nation or losing a parent from terminal cancer, they are the reason that i will never have to deal with waking up in the morning and wondering where my next meal will come from. i want to be like them." this is what i want my great great grandkids to say


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