He rain into the room, his heart pounding, and his clothes soaking wet.
"What happened to you?" I asked
"We gotta go now! There's no time to waste!"
"Jack, what are you talking about? Are you being chased by some random stranger to be killed or something?"
"Yes, Kary. That is exactly what's happening! Now we need to go, NOW!!!"
I ran to my room and filled a back pack with clothes when I hear my door explode open. I rush out to what happened and see my brother laying on the ground with a stranger pointing a gun at his chest. My martial arts training kicked in before i could think. I grabbed a stool near me and threw it at the intruder. He points the gun at me and fires, but misses. I sprint across the room and tackle him. He pushes me off and I do a roundhouse kick, straight to his jaw. He drops his gun and Jack grabs it. "Jack, drop it!" "He almost killed me!" "Get over it!" I punch my brother in the face and he drops the gun. I eject the clip and the gun across the room. The stranger looks at me. "You'll pay for this, just watch." "You broke into my house. You'll pay for it." I call the police and wait for them. A beeping noise starts blairing in my ears. I take off my helmet and look over at Jack. "This virtual reality game is awesome!" "Kary, the point is for team work. Not to be a hero. And certainly not to beat me up!" "But that was the best part!" I smile.


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He ran into the room, his heart pounding, and his clothes soaking wet.
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