We made our getaway through the window, I begged you to stay here, to feel the warmth of the house, to watch movies in the dimlit room, but you insisted that I had to "live a little". The clock struck midnight, I heard the chimes & felt the goosebumps as I climbed onto the roof. "This is absurd.. maybe we should go back.. it's freezing out!" But your smile told me differently. You spread a blanket out for us to share, and we looked up at the moon, glowing and providing light for us, along with the streetlamps. I was nervous, we had been best friends for five years. But you never thought of me different, you never wanted me the way that I did. I decided maybe now was the only time, right before you left for Thanksgiving, to plant a kiss apon your lips. I turned to gaze into your eyes, preparing myself for what I was about to do. You met my eyes, and for the first time I felt like maybe I was wrong, maybe there was something there for me. I leaned in, but you turned away from me, and all of the heat left in my body rose up to my cheeks. My face was burning with embarrassment. "Don't ruin this. Don't ruin us. You don't know what you want. You don't want me." I stayed quiet for the rest of the night.


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