The dapper man picked up a penny. It was the most gorgeous penny he had ever seen, its beauty shone in the afternoon sunlight, and he thought it reminded him of his youth. This old dapper fellow had been standing on the corner and observed from the corner of his eye this glistening copper object. several minutes before he had been thinking of how his wife had undercooked the roast and he had thrown his wheelchair at her,luckily she dodged and it only hit their crippled son henry. so she sent the old dapper fellow on his way and took henry to the hospital. that was then,and this is now. The penny oh the sweet,sweet penny.The dappper fellow placed it in his mouth, mmm it tasted like old gum and pavement, his favorite flavor. And as the old fellow stood fondling his penny, unaware that he was standing directly in the middle of the street,a big red truck came tearing down the road, bound for the pie factory to unload its haul of cherry pies. And just as the dapper fellow turned the truck smashed into him and flund him into the nearby barber shop. It squat him like a pumpkin


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The dapper man picked up a penny.
Prompt suggested by CraigTowsley


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