Wine. The only way I can escape. The bitter taste of beer and harsh sting of liquour, far too much for me to handle. So I drink wine.
The man has been watching me for a while now. The one with no face. There names for him on the internet, there are stories, and jokes.
But there are few believers.
So I keep to myself. When I'm not drinking wine, I search for answers, but that often makes things worse. The more I read, the more real it seems, although to everyone else he is just a story.
I thought it was a simple internet story as well. I followed the stories on YouTube and elsewhere, and searched for the origin. I loved it. The story of underdogs escaping an unescapable man, or creature, set on destroying their minds.
But now I can't escape. I'm sucked in. The Slender Man, the Observer, is very real and I suggest you stay far away from any of the stories. He will find you.


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