The conversation lasted two words: "Good Luck." She said. Tantor took a deep breath as he walked down the silent hallway. The foot steps of his armored boots echoed off the walls.

"This is Green leader, reaching jump pods now." He spoke into the headset in his helmet. "Rodger that Tantor, Greens two, three and four are ready to jump." The cybernatic AI downloaded into his HUD replied.
"What about Black team?" he asked.
"Blackheart's team is also ready to drop." she answered. The jump pod's hatch slowly opened upward. Tantor took a deep breath and sat down into the comfortable seat.
Not long ago he sat in pod fifty-five as an orbital paratrooper, now he was in one as an EF Raptor. He took a deep breath and rested his head against the pod's wall as the hatch slowly closed. His black and gold armor reflected the last of the light coming from the hallway as Tantor gave a silent prayer


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The conversation lasted two words:
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