He was dressed in green. It made him stand out from all the other people at the beach in their reds and blues, their dark shorts and white vests.
He hadn't intended it as a fashion statement, the green shorts had just been the last ones in the store.
He looked around at the tan, well-sculptured bodies of everyone else on the beach and felt very out of place.
He was not a fan of the outdoors, he had never really even tried it but outside was varying and unpredictable and he just knew by instinct that he wouldn't like it.
But, there was a girl, and she loved the outdoors, and he, well, he loved her.
So he'd dragged himself out of his dark, safe little room and found his way to the beach.

He laid his towel down near a group of people. Not so close as too intrude but not so far as to feel like he was away from the atmosphere, in the uncharted unknown.
He slowly took off his green t-shirt, a ratty old thing that felt like a safety blanket in this place that was so far out of his comfort zone.
He forced himself to lie back and to only think of his goal. So focused was he in his intention to get a tan, to appear more like the type of guy She may like that he'd even bought factor 15 sun tan lotion rather than his preferred 50.
He shrugged and shuffled and shifted until he found a spot where he was comfortable and closed his eyes, ready to dedicate himself to tanning for the next couple of hours.
Just as he was drifting off into a heavy trance, thinking about all of her wonderful qualities, he felt a drop on his forehead.
He opened his eyes in a panic only to see the mass of dark grey clouds rolling in.
He sighed and sulked.
It had taken him days to pluck up the courage to try this and now he was to be rained off in such a manner.
He grabbed his shirt and towel and ran off the beach before the rest of the people could realise what was happening.
He made it to his car just before the heavens opened.
He sat there and stared out of the windscreen cursing.
Clearly some people were just not destined to become "Outdoors People"


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hero Green-clad Man
villain Rain
goal A tan
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