Jane was a beautiful young woman. Her blonde hair was the envy of everyone in the land. No one else had hair like that. Many said it was the color of straw. Now her father, he was also a nice man. Very beloved by everyone and the leader of this village. He, however was dying. Jane was his only child and not ready to take on the duties that would be given to her if he died. She had been walking through the meadow one day when it struck her. She could get the elixer of Eternal Life and give it to her father! She jumped with joy. It was not far from here.

She started the next morning. She would reach the place of the elixir by the afternoon. However, storm clouds were starting to brew. She shivered. They were not normal. A small woman appeared in front of her. Jane gasped. It was Safura. No one ever got by her.

"Please let me by." Jane stuttered, staring at the small woman in front of her. Safura flexed her fingers and started to circle Jane.

"Why would I do that when I have such a lovely specimen to wrok with?" Safura said, looking the young woman up and down. Jane gulped. She was going to be turned. Safura lunged at her and Jane fell, knowing the price of life.


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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0


fiction fantasy


Beloved Lovely


Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Jane
villain Safura
goal Eternal Life
Prompt suggested by Galen


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