He set the plate before her. She looked at him with greedy eyes. Seth sighed as he walked back to the kitchens. This is how it was every Thursday. She'd come in, sit, ask specifically for him and order. She had an unhealthy fascination with him that he found weird and he shuddered every time he saw her.

It was becoming more frequent, the amount of times he saw her. He'd see her at the bus stop, when he walked home from the apartment, and obviously at work. He wanted to find out what it was she wanted with him, but decided it would be better not to. He left work early that night and went home.

As he climbed into bed, he thought he saw her. No, there's no way that could happen. He fell asleep, but woke up several hours later to a pair of glowing green eyes staring at him. He shuddered.

"What do you want?" Seth asked as the eyes moved closer.

"Just your soul Seth, nothing more." She said in an ethereal tone. He backed away, yet found he couldn't move. She came closer to him and sucked his soul away.


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