It was only the briefest of interactions...

The beast lay in its containment chamber, loathe in the fact it was once more dissolving in the volatile concoction of hydrochloric acid. Viscous fleshy chunks pooled off his rapidly decaying hide, his keratin-enriched mane already microscopic particles in the vat. Bone was visible on its face, iconic to the images the public knew it as.

Reptilian eyes watched me as I entered the containment room, blatantly conveying its want, need, and desire, to kill me. The only words I could get out of it were "Die, now." And then the fun began.

Over 80% of its body was gone, and still it rose from its cage, seeping through and becoming a mass of bone and muscle. Every second of this interaction was agony. I only remember the fangs, jagged and acidic, sinking into my jugular as I attempted to slide my security card into the door slot...

Help me...


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Asharai (joined over 9 years ago)
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It does not matter
what I was.
It is of no consequence
I am not a "was"
a "were"
a "has been".
I am a "here"
a "now",
I exist in the "present".
All that matters is
here and now.
All that matters is
you know, somehow.
Not who I was,
or could have been,
That I am now
is what I offer Man.

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The conversation lasted two words:
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