"Wait, so he hit you?"

“No, I told you. He whispered just before I woke up.” I had already told the story a couple of times and Jack wasn’t listening. Obviously the porn on his cell phone far more interesting.

The voice had been at that moment when you feel yourself falling and jerk awake. ‘I really want to take you with me but I’m not allowed.’

Disorientated after several false awakenings, I felt extraordinarily tired. The short nap when my friend had gone for pizza had been a mistake. Struggling to a sitting position there was no sign of anyone yet the room was filled with a nasty odour, rotten eggs, boiled cabbage leaves, yeast and smoke. Not my digestive system, this was something different. Unclean. Evil.

Even now with Jack in the room, I was on edge, jumpy. Scared to even go to the bathroom.

What I didn’t tell him is the full story. This wasn’t the first time I’d heard the voice.

It started they day I accidentally hit Sam, the neighbour’s kid out on his bike. He had special needs and got out of the back yard without anyone knowing. It was dark and he didn’t have lights. I had borrowed my dad’s car without him knowing. Left Sam in the road. Worst decision of my life.

I couldn't put it off any longer. Bathroom. I put on headphones. Jack looked at me quizzically as I'd never done that before.

The man was waiting for me. Recognition.

I didn't even try to run out.

Sam's dad. I knew that after the tragedy, he had gone insane. Killed his wife and later himself.

I knew whatever happens now, it is inevitable.

"I decided not to take you away after all" he said and laughed for a long time. "I am going to haunt you forever instead."


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