When I was 12, I went to sea. I was on my father's ship for 6 months and 4 days when i caught a glimpse of her.
I had been sitting on a chair on the deck, watching island after island float by when my gaze started slowly moving downwards. I was almost asleep when i saw the fiery red tail splash next to the wooden paneling on the side of the ship. I jumped up, about to call for my father to see this magnificently huge fish when the creature jumped out of the water.
Attached to the red tail was a pale, white torso with creamy colored sea shells covering her breasts. A angelic face with long blond hair and stunning blue eyes were the next thing i noticed. But as soon as I blinked, she was gone.
In 7 months, i had returned home only to decide that for the rest of my life, i would be a sailor. So i spent the rest of my life working at sea, hoping to catch another glimpse of this glorious creature. Unfortunately, i never did. But the image of that fiery red tail and those piercing blue eyes will stay in my mind forever.


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Sea mermaid sailor


When I was 12, I went to sea.
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