It stayed there, staring... Just staring him down. There was no motion for what seemed like an eternity. He kept his eyes on the beast, unblinking for fear of its immense unstoppable powers.

And then the second of peace was over. He reeled back, shock rolling up his arms from the knowledge that he in fact, no longer had fingers with which to grasp the beast as arm's length. The black pit of teeth consumed the digits and sought more. Clutching the stumps to his chest, the victim scrambled for ground; an escape from the vivid Death that lapped up the strings of his flesh from its fangs.

Catching a foothold on the hill, he ran. And ran. But, as anyone could tell you from their childhood nightmares... There is never any escape from a creature like this. Within a few feet, the demon had him pinned; another meal on its trek to freedom from the Foundation which kept it caged for so long.

The long muzzle burrowed into the meat of the human's back, ripping and tearing muscles from bone. In the park, there were plenty of passerby to see, and yet with the fear the beast instilled, no one called for help, and no one sought to free the man from the clutches of the beast. Faintly, the squeals of death could be heard from the man beneath its fangs,


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Asharai (joined over 11 years ago)
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It does not matter
what I was.
It is of no consequence
I am not a "was"
a "were"
a "has been".
I am a "here"
a "now",
I exist in the "present".
All that matters is
here and now.
All that matters is
you know, somehow.
Not who I was,
or could have been,
That I am now
is what I offer Man.

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