The conversation lasted two words: REDACTED REDACTED

[Security clearance confirmed]
KKTnI Event 21/12 Exec Summ

Months of supervision of the three alien ambassadors and chaperoning the three chosen human representatives of the UN Science contingent had led to this final one ended discussion. Tom Savage, DoO, predicts we will never meet others from the mothership. 

Something that Amy WITHHELD (the NASA astronaut in training, there to the relief of the US) Darren WITHHELD (Irish poet who'd not cut his hair for 30+ years) or WITHHELD Xing (Japanese ex-military) had said, done or shown the three inseparable E.T.s had resulted in this: the one Darren had named Hand had eviscerated the carapaces of the other two, Head and Heart, seemingly with their blessing, before snapping his (its?) own thorax to bleed clear liquid onto the lab floor. (sample acquired for testing)

The first and final utterance by an extra-terrestrial in English was, according to CCTV, preceded by several weakened claws tapping Amy's skull, Xing's arm and Darren's sternum, then his own kin's battered shells. Opinion of the delegates is divided as to the meaning; a threat or condemnation, an admission or a warning, an apology or an excuse. Either way, the ship was gone within seconds.

Hand's rattled words (created by rubbing jaw against jaw) were clear enough. 

"Kr-eh-zee Na-uw"


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RuthLivingstone almost 11 years ago

Oooh. How intriguing. I want to read more....

DoctorMikeReddy about 10 years ago

This is available as audio as part of the November 2012 #audiomo

DoctorMikeReddy (joined about 13 years ago)
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The conversation lasted two words:
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