The water was clear. Crystal clear, not so unlike the crystal ball the gypsy read my fate from. I just so wanted to jump in the water. To breathe. To drink. To laugh. To swim.
Ryan begged me not to jump, but I didn't listen...I couldn't. He controlled so much of my life. I wanted to get away. And yet, I loved him still. The clear water was enticing. And brought feelings of hope to my heart.
"Please, Ry, please," I begged. He came towards me and I pressed my lips to the lower corner of his. I felt his tongue moving just behind his closed mouth. And I moved my lips over, his tongue broke into my mouth.
I knew now he wouldn't stop me.
I broke away for fresh air and continued staring at the water. I stood then, and striped from my clothes, one by one, almost seductively. I could feel him leaning in, wanting more.
I watched the clear surface of the water. And thought of the gypsy telling me that I would drown. Then, I took a breath and jumped.


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