Justin was just a regular guy before I discovered him. Sure, he'd played Chronoball before. I'd even seen him do quite well for an amateur, when I checked my notes later. But that fight in the bar was what got him noticed. He's on more Creds than several small planets' GDPs now; I get 20% of course.

When Jack, who'd always had it in for him since High School, threw the first punch in the Snug, Justin hadn't flinched. He'd thrown the Chronoball, which had been resting on the bartop, over Jack's head. Contact with the far wall activated the chronastic (TM) and it had stuck, frozen in time. Jack had smirked at his poor aim, while our man had neatly side stepped him into position.

"Just let it go, Jack" had been his only warning. His rival had punctuated his reply by smashing the bottle, increasing its threat value by 58%. Justin had sighed and looked down, because he was where he needed to be.

The chronastic(TM) did its delayed response work and the ball caught up with real time and rebounded, smashing Jack's head into the pillar. The bottle dropped as the Chronoball eventually sprung from his skull into Justin's waiting hand. I had the contract out before his opponent had hit the floor.


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DoctorMikeReddy over 9 years ago

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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Just a regular person.
villain The one who always had it in for me, ever since school.
goal Let it go
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