I held it at arm's length, pressing the butt of the gun into my shoulder. It was heavy and my muscles screamed and burned with the weight. "Almost there," I thought to myself. A strand of my hair fell into my eyes but I ignored it and kept my focus on my target. Carefully balancing my weapon, I raised a hand to still my partner walking behind me. Three of my fingers held up for him to see.

Target in sight.

We ran across the bright grass, firing endlessly in the direction of our intended targets. There was screaming - female voices. At the end of the grass, I dove, sliding across the slick green. My partner and I pressed our backs to the wood fence, breathing heavily.
The screaming turneed to silence. I looked at the man beside me, puzzling over the quiet with our eyes. Slowly, cautiously, we walked back out across the battlefield. Stopping at the base of a tree, we leaned on the trunk of the massive thing.

"NOW!" The shout came from above us and my head jerked back, only to watch as my sister and her friends emptied a bucket of water onto my troops from the tree above us. There were cheers and victorious cries of "payback!" and "we win!" Standing, sweat and water dripping from my hair and sticking my shirt to my chest, I looked at my partner. He looked above me, at the enemy territory, then down to me, then up again. And then, my hardened soldier of a twin brother, dropped the massive water gun from his hands, and laughed at me.
Well, I guess we did look pretty ridiculous.
"Alright, troops. We will not accept defeat. We will find rations from the cookie jar!" I ran, but I smiled. I'd be back. No mission was, after all, impossible.


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