'So, what makes you think it is going to flood around here?'
The truck driver chewed gum as he unloaded the bags of cement and several stacks of bricks.
'It's always best to be prepared,' I said, helping to manhandle one of the bags towards the area where my cement mixer stood waiting.
'You got planning permission to build this?' asked the driver, seemingly surprised that I could build this tall concrete construction on the suburban hillside, surrounded as it was with low lying bungalows, elegant lawns and neat gravel drives.
'Not really,' I said, taking out my cheque book to pay him.
'They're likely going to tell you to pull it down.' He eyed the cheque suspiciously.
'Maybe,' I said, shrugging my shoulders.
'You got cash?'
'Sorry, no.' I felt bad, knowing the cheque would bounce. Not that he would be around to see it happen.
'Well, cheerio then,' he said. 'I wouldn't like to be in your shoes when the authorities catch up with you. And looks like you're starting a small zoo too?'
I looked across at the pen where my animals waited.
'Thanks for the delivery,' I said.
'See you around, Noah.' He wave as he pulled away.
'Not likely,' I thought.


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