We made a little church of our own when we promised to marry. You asked me when I barely understood how to love you, and I'd been innocent so long that I think the moment you told me you loved me you became ever more desperate to snap me up. Three days after the initial declaration came the proposal. I ran away from you and hid.

You're a terrible boy. Everyone says so. I'd heard the talk since the beginning of time and I'd seen the queue of sobbing girls you left behind you. And yet.... you told me loved me and offered to buy me the best of rings.

I was too frightened to tell anyone and had no confidantes to begin with. I sat upon it quietly and devoured your love in secret and though you believed in no God you respected my God and you took me in the middle of the night to the little frozen shack where you scrawled the words "The Kingdom of Heaven" for we would need no heaven other than ours.

In the snow we knelt and you kissed me and you took more from me later on.

It's colder now though the weather is warm. I fear the snow. I fear the ice. I wait by the window for any sign of your return. Sometimes I get a letter and I sleep on it for days before reading it.

The letters will stop soon, I feel it in my cold bones.

I wear a ring on that finger you promised to bejewel, a ring made of seed beads and it sparkles pink and purple and green. It's a child's ring. It's not a training ring or a place holder. I hope never to feel the sting of gold there.

I sleep in the Kingdom of Heaven now, and it is not one of God.


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Galen over 10 years ago

Cee! Wow. Wow, wow, wow!

DazedPuckBunny over 10 years ago

thank you so much Galen :)

Galen over 10 years ago

This really deserves to be preserved in print.

DazedPuckBunny over 10 years ago

aw thanks. :) im thinking of self pubbing a collection of short stories or something, maybe i'll stick it in. otherwise, most other print places like those pesky first rights lol

Galen over 10 years ago

Pesky first rights? Because it's been published here? H'm. Well then, maybe Six Minute Story will have to put them in print!

DazedPuckBunny over 10 years ago

:) yeah most mags and ezines are very picky about "first rights" the second it appears online (even sampled on a blog post) they consider it as already published. I enjoy posting here a great deal so it makes no nevermind to me what they think of that because this site is lovely.

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