The daring were punished. Oh, how they were punished. For their transgression of assumption: public mockery. For their foolish hubris in believing that one could get away with such tom foolery: A dressing down by the town jokesman (and I use jokesman loosely as anyone in town would and will tell you that he was only installed as the town jokesman thanks to nepotism. After all, it's his father who is in charge of humor.
Yes they were a sight to see, the daring. The sad faces of such dissapointment as you would assume most of them saw some sort of reward, and at the very least smiles from all the girls, for there daring. But alas, they got the shaft.
And the shy? Well the shy we're gluttonous. Girls, accolades, and gluttony galore for the shy. They had made it. It was their time to shine. Yep. Shine.


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