Dave had placed an add just the week before in the personals. His fetish wasn't the most obscure among those looking for lovers among the silks, the plastics, and the aluminums of the world. But when compared to those seeking human companionship, it was certainly odd.
"Seeking a lb. of cotton for intimate relationship" was how it read.
And he certainly wasn't expecting a response. After all, he'd been placing the same add for three years. Ever since he'd received 1000 thread count cotton sheets for his birthday from his grandmother he couldn't stop thinking about it.
So when the reply came he could't believe it.
"Meet me in the forrest at 4pm Thursday" was the reply.
So of course, he pulled up at the forrest edge Thursday a half hour early, and there, just beyond the treeline, was his cotton lover. He ran.
"I can't believe you came" he muttered as he caressed the cotton delicately. "I love you"
"I need you" replied the cotton.
And thus, a beautiful love affair was born.


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reed waterloo over 11 years ago

My best work yet. Good work Reed

reed waterloo (joined over 11 years ago)

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