The angel wasn't at all what I expected. Jeans and hoodies weren't the kind of thing Divine Messagers should wear. And squeamish of spiders too!! He jumped up when the large hairy creature walked over his white trainers, I only noticed because I happened to drop my cell phone at that precise moment. As soon as he looked down he screamed as though all of hell was after him and leapt in the air.

John told me that he was getting therapy for his phobia and had been relegated to ordinary duty by his heavenly master, nothing spectacular for him these days. Just helping people across the road to avoid getting run over, that kind of thing. Not the high drama responsibilities his friends had - averting major disasters, hanging around the airports, war zones etc.

John had the sweetest smile once he landed, looking a bit embarassed at his fear. I wondered if there was anything real about that movie City of Angels, could John fall in love with me?

As he pushed me across the road in my wheelchair I hoped that he could.


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ganymeder over 11 years ago

Aw, this made me smile. So sweet!

Anglea (joined about 12 years ago)

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