For a change I was ok about Carl's clothes this month. Blue was perfectly acceptable compared to the horror of April - canary yellow. He's a bit weird, my fiance. It was a sort of take on color psychology but relating to months of the year, something he read in a kooky astroglogy book. My mother wouldn't let him into the house in February as purple reminded her of a childhood trauma she was still receiving therapy for.

Carl was also into UFO's, The Illuminati, Ley Lines, Quantum Jumping (he believed he had a double living in China who was a marital arts expert). Watching him attempt to break a pile of bricks in half was proof he was delusional!! Luckily he didn't tell the hospital staff the truth, they still believed he accidentally fell off a ladder onto a concrete floor.

Carl was trying to insist on organising the wedding in secret. I said a firm 'no' after finding numerous DVD's and books about themed weddings, especially the Egyptian Mummy (shudder).


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