Candace wants all her glasses to look half-full, but Martin can't stop complaining. He's tried to keep his mouth shut when work is too busy and when he gets cut off on the road, he sometimes count from ten out loud.

But generally, Candace is too fat (thick!) and their house keeps feeling smaller (cozy!) with all of the things she hoards (collects!) that he's prone to throw some of the junk (trinkets!) at the wall in hopes that they shatter. When she sweeps up the mess, she hums the chimney sweep song from Mary Poppins.

Once a month, she cries and cries, but it has nothing to do with PMS (thank GOD she's not pregnant!) and everything to do with the phases of the moon. When it's full, she sits on their roof and looks up. From that high, she can see the cracks in the sidewalk more clearly, too, and that some parts of the roof are actually breaking a little. She eats Entemanns and howls. She tries to keep it quiet; you never know who might come checking up on things. Ruin


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A better way to spend 6 minutes than rubbing my boogers between my fingers until they form flickable balls.

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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Candice
villain Martin
goal An optimistic outlook
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