You had me at ox bow lake, knee deep in dark water. "It's not so bad, right?" you said.

"It's no Jersey Shore," I said, "But I guess it's not that bad."

You crouched so that you were neck deep in dark water. "You gotta get your whole body in."

Then, a gunshot. I spun around quick and covered my breasts with my forearm. I heard you laughing behind me.

"City girls. Can't take em nowhere." You leaned back and did a halfhearted backstroke. "Just a hunter probably." I sunk in a little more. "Come on," you said. "Come swim."

I went to Miami once years ago with a man who paid for everything. I had to go in the water and beckon him to join me. He only put his feet in.

I move closer to you. I listen for gun shots. For now, qui


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the clark (joined almost 10 years ago)
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A better way to spend 6 minutes than rubbing my boogers between my fingers until they form flickable balls.

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