Ox bow lake?
I said looking at Jerry. He sat there with that evil kniving look on his face. I knew i should have stayed back, but it was a nice day out. I might as well do something else other than my western art homework.

"okay, lets adventure!"

We were walking through this area of the town that I stayed away from..... mainly because we had passed not one but SIX NO TRESSPASSING PRIVATE PROPERTY signs.
"C'mon its up here" he ran ahead.

we kept walking as I heard rumbling behind us, I made the mistake of turning around to see a Semi truck rumbling up behind us. Fear is running from a semi barrelling towards you in an area that you really shouldn't be in. I kept thinking this is how I die. We ended up crouching behind a pine tree waiting for the truck to pass. Then we went back home. I never hung out with Jerry after that.


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I'm a senior in college studying music business. I like music obviously, video games and writing and think about silly things.

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