They were right in front of him, huddled on the stage. Fred checked his cell phone and saw the show started in ten minutes. If he didn't have those marionettes in his possession before then, the world would end. Or at least this theater. But since his wife and daughter were in the audience, it might as well be the whole world.

"Nice try, Fred," a voice sounded behind him. Judy. She, the hater of all things puppets and puppet lovers, had planted the bomb in one of the heads. "But if you move, I'll put a bullet through your spine. Then you won't be able to move, and you'll still get the thrill of blowing up. And knowing your family and friends will get the brunt of the blast, too."

"Why, Judy? Hate puppets all you want, but why kill because of it."

"You know why."

"No. I mean, I've heard stories, but they're just stories. I want to know the truth from you." If he could get her talking, he still had a chance. As much as she hated everything puppet related, she loved hearing the sound of her own voice.

"It all started when I was twelve. My father brought home ..."

That was all the opening he needed. He planted his foot in her gut. The gun in her hand slid across the floor. He'd worry about that in a minute. He ran to the stage, grabbed the marionettes, and sprinted to the back door. As soon as they we


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ericjkrause about 9 years ago

Ran out of time. Ending of the story:
As soon as they were out the door, he banged it shut. Seconds later, the bomb went off, shaking not just the area around the door, but the entire building. He let out a deep breath and headed back to the theater proper to make sure everything was okay.

"You might have ruined my plans," Judy said from behind him, "but you won't ruin my day." He heard the safety of her gun click off.

ganymeder about 9 years ago

Wait, the bomb went off when he was outside with it and THEN he went back inside? What happened? Why is he safe?

Interesting take on the prompt! I've always suspected that marionettes were evil, but the bomb in the head thing is new. ;)

Cool story!

ericjkrause about 9 years ago

He threw them outside and shut the door. Sorry I didn't have time to revise... ;-) :-P

ericjkrause (joined over 9 years ago)
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hero Fred
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goal Obtain the Marionnettes
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