After the murder I found it hard to recall what happened in my personal life but only remembered other things.

The autumn leaves were not covering the muddy lane as usual this time of year. I was grateful to Mother Nature to avoid the hard toil of removing the crisp orange leaves, too sticky and gooey with liquid earth deal with a power tool.

The deer from the woods below ignored my home made devices to deter their rampage over my immaculate lawn and ate the rose heads in the large bed in the middle.Bright pink, deep red, white, burgundy. They were my wife's favourites.

Strangely enough the badger didn't visit, no more holes. And the birds were so silent. That's what I remember the most.

No birdsong.


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ganymeder over 9 years ago

Oh, this was lovely and sad.

ganymeder over 9 years ago

Oh, this was lovely and sad.

ganymeder over 9 years ago

Oh, this was lovely and sad.

Anglea (joined over 10 years ago)

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It was the fall that surprised me most.
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