I don't know, I just feel like I'm not really here at the moment. My mind is always somewhere else. I don't know where though, for you see I have actually lost my mind.

I feel like I'm split into four people. The solid me? She's just not present right now, I don't know where she is. Like I said, I lost her. I didn't mean to though...

I promise.

The saddest thing about losing me, is that nothing ever feels 'right' anymore. You know what I mean! That gut feeling you get when you make decisions or when you feel some sort of emotion.

But because I'm lost right now, nothing ever feels right.

But the most tragic thing about being lost? It has to be the morning, when I wake up from a wonderful dream. I remember a writer saying that there is a relief when you have a nightmare, you can wake up from it into reality. What happens if you wake up into a nightmare? The nightmare being that I am gone. I wake up gone.

Gone. Lost. Whatever, just gone.

What's left is a flawed resemblance of my former self. I get to witness everyone's despair as I become further and further away. I hope I find my mind again, being a hollow shell isn't fun. But I'm afraid my head is on the run.


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ganymeder over 8 years ago

I'm not sure if I feel sorry for the character or amused at the idea of her 'losing her/himself.' Very thoughtful.

CiaraAoife_ (joined over 8 years ago)

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