Martin Adams began to type. He wasn't sure what to say; a fact that the repeated DELETES and EDITS made clear. Love letters were so much simpler in the pre-computer days. You'd write what you felt, scrunch about 3/4 of the pages up and throw them next to, if not in, the bin. Then you would belabour whether to post the thing. Sometimes you would, then regret it. Sometimes you wouldn't, then regret it. Now all he had to do was click SEND. Or not. Not click SEND that is.

Martin wished he'd managed to set up that clever thing that didn't send your emails for a brief period. As it was, there was no UNDO. Just like Life really. There was no UNDO in the Real World (TM). Martin looked back (again!) over what he'd written. The spell check didn't like 'belabour'... 'belabor'...? Was it the US spell checker acting up again. It didn't like 'wouldn't' even though he'd typed it several other times and it wouldn't recognise them as wrong. the word 'recognise', of course, WAS wrong; bloody American spelling. And now he had less than a minute to decide what to do. Would he just say "I love you" and take the scorn of something simple but at least complete? Or just not bother. Time was not on his side...


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