They were listening, she just knew they were. As she crept across the carpeted living room floor, she prayed that her parents wouldn't hear her. God only knows what would happen to her if they caught her trying to escape.
She made it to the front door and glanced at the darkened hallway behind her, sure that her mother would come storming into the living room at any moment. She did not.
Lacy reached out and gripped the shiny copper door knob firmly, slowly turning it clockwise. A click resounded like a gunshot in the quiet of the night, despite her best efforts to remain silent. She thought her father would come charging across the carpet like a bear out of hibernation. He did not.
As she opened the heavy oak door, its groaning protest resonated within her chest, surely that sound was enough to wake the dead! It did not.
She saw Jesse at the edge of the front lawn, leaning against the hog. Her savior. It was too late for her parents to stop her now. Throwing caution to the wind, Lacy bolted across the lawn. They both leapt onto the bike and sped off into the night, never to be seen again.


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CatherineRussell over 9 years ago

Very cool story! I had no idea where it was going, but was happily surprised by the ending!

JessWest over 9 years ago

Thanks. :)

JessWest (joined almost 10 years ago)

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