Seed sack in one hand and broom pole in the other, Johnny Appleseed approached a patch of freshly tilled earth. Four rows, twelve feet long each, ran parallel to one another. With the broom pole in his left hand, he faced the first row, made a hole and dropped three seeds within. He sidestepped six inches to the left, made another hole, dropped another three seeds in. At the end of the first row, Johnny briefly glanced back over his shoulder and caught a hoarding chipmunk stuffing his face with seeds from a hole he'd just sown four feet away. "Hah! Get you out of my orchard, vermin!" Johnny chased the sprinting chipmunk off his land, but it was too late. With a deep sigh, Johnny started at the first row again, dropping seeds into pillaged holes, covering them over with earth and tamping it down with a boot, which he should have done from the start.


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CatherineRussell over 9 years ago

Ha! Nice one!

JessWest over 9 years ago

Thanks. :)

JessWest (joined almost 10 years ago)

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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Johnny Appleseed
villain A Hoarding Chipmunk
goal To Plant an Orchard
Prompt suggested by Galen


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