"Oh! Captian, can I help you with something?"
I groan inwardly. Dana is the new flight attendant, and a horrible flirt. She looks at me and pushes a clump of short blonde curls away from her eyes. I smile politely.
"Oh-no, I just need to use the, uh, lavatory."
Her eyes spark. She puts her hand on my wrist.
"Here, I'll show you where it is."
Seriously?! This plane is not that big and even if it were, I'm the PILOT. I sigh and remove her from my arm.
"That's fine I'll find it on my own..." I slide my hand around the handle of the lavatory door, ready to fling it open and smash it into her perfect little Barbie doll face. She moves closer to me, letting her hand fall on my chest. I lean closer to her for a slow second before opening the door and slipping inside. Finally. I hear Dana let out a frustrated puff of air before another male voice - my co-pilot - says her name. I hear the smile in her voice as she undoubtedly ushers him to the cockpit.
Oh well. Better him than me.


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hero Pilot
villain Flight Attendant
goal Lavatory
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