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"Oh! Captian, can I help you with something?"
I groan inwardly. Dana is the new flight attendant, and a horrible flirt. She looks at me and pushes a clump of short blonde curls away from her eyes. I smile politely.
"Oh-no, I just need to use the, uh, lavatory."
Her eyes spark. She puts her hand on my wrist.
"Here, I'll show you where it is."
Seriously?! This plane is not that big and even if it were, I'm the PILOT. I sigh and remove her from my arm.
"That's fine I'll find it on my own..." I slide my...

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Drink, row 18, seat f. Coca Cola. Seat g. Orange juice. Wants vodka. That'll be $5. I can charge it to your credit card or take cash. Comes back, gets vodka, goes back, give vodka.

Jacob tells the co-pilot to take the controls. "I'll be right back."

Snack, row 23, seat b.

Jacob eyes her, and she eyes back, but is helpless to move. He makes for the lavatory, but she doesn't follow.

Orange joice, row 23, seat c. Call light, row 5, seat c.

He unzips his fly, pulls down his pants, and begins to play with himself, expecting,...

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He knocked the three knocks. The two rap-raps. He whistled like a wren. Then he knocked twice again. The flight attendant replied, "Captain. Pick up the phone. I'm not playing your games."

"Oh come on. Just reply with the secret knock. It's easy."

"What is it you want?"

"To go to the restroom."

"Ok. Punch in your code and I'll punch in mine, and we'll get you to the lavatory and back."

She punches her code, her hand on the handle. She waits. "Captain?" She hears three knocks. Two rap-raps. A whistle like a wren.

"Captain. I'm a grown woman....

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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Pilot
villain Flight Attendant
goal Lavatory
Prompt suggested by Galen
Originally displayed on:
November 20, 2009


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