He knocked the three knocks. The two rap-raps. He whistled like a wren. Then he knocked twice again. The flight attendant replied, "Captain. Pick up the phone. I'm not playing your games."

"Oh come on. Just reply with the secret knock. It's easy."

"What is it you want?"

"To go to the restroom."

"Ok. Punch in your code and I'll punch in mine, and we'll get you to the lavatory and back."

She punches her code, her hand on the handle. She waits. "Captain?" She hears three knocks. Two rap-raps. A whistle like a wren.

"Captain. I'm a grown woman. I'm not playing secret code with you. Push the password and come on out."

"You can't make me. Isn't that the great thing about armored doors? You can't make me punch the password. Not even if you had a bomb."

"You're the one who wants to go the bathroom."

"I can hold it."

"Ok then, hold it."

"NO! No, I was kidding. I can't hold it. Open the door."

"You have to push your code."

Three knocks, two raps and a wren.

"Captain. Really?"

She turns to her associate. He's like a child, she says.

"You have to tap the secret code or I'm not coming out."

"Then don't. I've passengers to serve."

"Ok fine! Let's agree to cooperate."

"Ok captain."

She punches her code in, puts her hand on the handle.


Three knocks, two raps, one wren and a drizzle.


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Galen (joined almost 11 years ago)
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Glad to have this back online for the decade anniversary.

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hero Pilot
villain Flight Attendant
goal Lavatory
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