"Just drink the tea, Maggie." Custom said. He had set up a beautiful table with scones and tea and all the fripperies that go with it.
"I don't think so." Maggie said. She appreciated the gesture of friendship but Custom had been trying to control her for too many years for her to trust him now.
"I didn't poison it." He said, petulantly. He folded his arms across his chest and leaned back in his chair to sulk.
"I'm sure you didn't but I've come too far now to bow to you." Maggie said as she hiked up her skirt and folded her legs under her. The grass was so green and inviting here. Why sit in a chair when there was a lush carpet to lounge on? Who cared about a silly old dress?
"If you don't sit in that chair and drink this tea, I will tell your mother and then you will be punished from your books for a week. How do you like that?" Custom said triumphantly. He knew she would bow to keep her books. But Maggie had a secret that Custom didn't know about.
"I don't need those books anymore." She said as she stood up and skipped away. "I'm going to write my own tales."
Custom just stared after her, for once, speechless.


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JessWest over 10 years ago

Go, Maggie!!!

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hero Maggie
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